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Read every word before you get started with the application!


- You must be 15 years or older!
- You must have a play time of 5 hours or longer!
- You must have both a forum and a discord account!
- You must have 10 post or more on the forum!

Few points we want to make clear!

Please apply for helper with this template!
Use this template only for applying on helper! We do not want anyone to use this template to apply for another rank such as Builder.

If I have been banned/muted before will I still make chance?
If you learned your lesson and haven't been punished over the past 3 monts then you have an even chance!

Will I lose my rank when I resign?
No, you won't lose you rank but we recommend you to keep the receipt from your rank!

What if no one response?
If the Manager or higher haven't response in 14 days then its mostlikly denied. Please keep in mind that you have to wait another 31 days to reapply!

The application starts here below!
Copy the applications below make a new topic and simply paste it, after that you can fill the application!

Name: We need to know you real life name, please do not give us your last name!
Age: We need to know the day/month/year! Fill it like this dd-mm-yy!
IGN: We need you minecraft name!

Do you have any past staff experience? If so explain in a minium of 100 words.

List below on wich server you have been staff on and the rank you had. If you haven't been staff before then you can leave it blank!
-Cubecraft: Moderator
-Hypixel: Helper
We need honest staff members so we will take action if you break a single rule do you understand that?
Just fill Yes/No.
Do you have any previous punishments?
You can just fill either Yes/No and explain if you understood why you were punished.
Do you have any special reason why you want to apply for helper?
If yes explain it.
Do you understand that this rank is just for players to help and not to just punish hackers?
Fill yes/no
Anything else you would like to know? If you don't have any further questions then you can leave it blank!
This was the application you are done if you fill this in. You can now simply wait for the Manager to response!



6 months ago

YouTuber application!

Here are the listed YouTube exclusive features!

Prefix: [YouTube]

You will unlock every kit.
You will be able to vote like the top rank.
YouTuber kit

YouTube excluvie commands:
/fly - this command works only in lobbies
/nick - disguise yourself so nobody will regonize you!

The rest will listed below soon!

YouTuber rank requirements:

You must have a channel with 1000+ subs!
You must hit 100 views a day!
You must have recorded atleast 1 video on a server before getting the YouTuber rank! If you received this rank then you need to upload a lot more on the server!
You must be 12 years or older! We don't want kids below 12 years to abuse this rank!

YouTuber application

IGN: We need you minecraft name in case your application succeed.
Age: We want to know if you are old enough for this rank!
Channel link: We only want channel links so it's easier and faster to get on your channel!
views per 24 hours:
Proof: We need proof that this channel is yours! The easiest way for this is to just hop on the server record a video (10 seconds) with your username visable set it on private and share the link here!

This is the end of the YouTuber rank application! You can go play on the server till a Admin or higher response!

6 months ago

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